Monday, 13 December 2010

Part 5!

"Vampires?" I blurted out, and then immediately after laughed slightly. The woman looked annoyed an slightly angry but I couldn't stop laughing. Vampires? seriously it seemed so.... stupid. After a couple of minutes I managed to stiffen in a giggle and eventually stop. "finished?" She asked in an annoyed tone.

what so she was serious.

"yes ma'am, sorry ma'am, please continue" I don't know why I said ma'am but it seemed like a good thing to calm down her temper . To show her I still respected her and wasn't mocking her.
"like I said not quite vampires but closer to a vampire then a werewolves for example"
I nodded my head fascinated by her story. after all it was a story it couldn't possibly be true.
"so what are they like exactly"

The woman sighed and then studied my face. I didn't know what she was looking for but she obviously found it as she continued speaking.

"In this town there is two of everyone, as soon as you enter another you is made as soon as you leave that other you disappears." This other you if the evil part of you all you evil thoughts feelings combine to make a .. anti-you lets say. They look exactly like you speak like you but they don't act like you . Many of us can tell them from us because they choose to change themselves like hair colour and cloths but the most distinct recognition is they have red eyes. Some can hide there eyes some can't. These anti-yous don't eat but they do drink, they drink blood. blood of anyone really it keeps them alive, with out blood they die  But they prefer the blood of who they are. You can kill them, sharpened metals can kill us and sharpened non metals can kill them. Most people use wood as its most effective but any non-metal works. The only problem is what ever you do to them is done to the other one. If i was to scratch the anti-you you would feel the pain and also get a mark where I scratched. You can only get rid of them by leaving."

I sat there Jaw open in shock. This woman was bonkers. Down right crazy. I would have to try and get out of here before I started to believe it. Or before this crazy woman tried to kill me.  The woman looked at me waiting for my response. I smiled and then bent back relaxing.

The woman then spoke again " I know I sound crazy and if I was you I would run and not believe a word I say, but if you want to leave please do it in the morning, Its night right now. don't want you getting hurt." I smiled and shook my head and she returned the smile standing up. she was heading to the curtains. I figured she was closing them. As soon as I hear those curtains draw I run.

The faint sounds of curtains being pulled comes to my ears and I launch myself forward running to the hall. I hear the woman screaming something behind me but I ignore her bolting to the door.  quickly unlock it and pull it open. The woman is inches behind me now so I sprint out the door, across her front lawn and down the path.Everything is pitch black and I can see no more then a few feet in front of me.

But I don't need to. The woman is stood at the door glaring at me with a combination of anger and worry in her eyes. I take one last look at her and run down the street. searching for any where to stay the night or any shelter.

But I never made it more then a few streets away.


    wow nicolette love itttttttttttttttttttt neeeeeddd moreeee!

  2. WOW oh WOW!!!!!
    AWESOME Nicolette!
    Freaky and thrilling!!!!!
    I love it!!!!
    Very exciting!!!!

  3. Well... I've not been here in ages.


    Blogs are epic.

    Come back to Blogland. Throw things and whoop people.
    Act like you own the place.
    Well, being Derek Landy's minion, you sort of Do. :D
    But seriously, I miss all the old-timers. Don't give up on Dereksville Blogland. :]