Monday, 13 December 2010

Funny Story :D

Before I start Cheering up a friend I would just like to say .....


Now On with the Story ........

Nicolette Sighed as she dangled upside down in the hall. It was Christmas time again and Nicolette wasn't having a good time.

Nicolette had been enjoying herself fighting bad guys hanging with her friends and then all of a sudden she had been given the week off, so here she was in her  house, dangling upside down from a Chandler. 

Why? Nicolette had needed some extra cash, with all her cash from the magical world useless she needed some real money to buy her friends and family some presents with. So she opened a baby sitters, week before Christmas adults rushed around buying presents to hide from there kids, obviously they needed their kids out of the way, so here they were in Nicolette's way.

Kallista was meant to come over to help with they young exited kids. She had come over but she wasn't helping, Oh no quite the opposite. Kallista had tied Nicolette up here and Kallista was now leading the kids screaming around her house.

Kallista came running threw the hall screaming, she was in over sized slippers, a pumpkin costume, bunny ears and had a ninja mask on. "Hey Nicolette!!! Sorry about the mess in the sitting room! And the turkey!" Kallista ran up the stairs closely followed by many screaming toddlers. "What happened to the turkey!!" Nicolette shouted.

She had spent an awful lot of money on that turkey for Christmas dinner and with turkeys now getting more and more expensive she was very protective. Kallista's head poked round from upstairs. "oh you'll see" Kallista flicked her wrist and the rope holding Nicolette up came undone. Kallista gave her a manic smile then ran off giggling. As Nicolette stood up a tiny toddler came running into her, He couldn't see where he was going as the top half of his body had been lodged inside the turkey. 

"KALLISTA" Nicolette screamed whilst running up the stairs to catch her crazy friend.

The toddlers were the least of Kallista's problems right now.


  1. LOL
    It's PERFECT!!! I'm laughing so loud right now. I'm glad I'm alone!
    Very brilliant in your humer Nicolette! I love it. I feel better already laughing this way again!
    Starting to feel like my old self!
    You awesome girl you!!!!!

    *hugs Nicolette*

  2. LOL I am still laughing at this story Nicolette!
    I love your writing! XDDDD