Saturday, 4 December 2010

Part 3 :)

I woke up in utter bliss. I felt completely relaxed and fully awake for once, without a care in the world. I allowed my eyelids to flutter open to look at the white bumpy ceiling. I thought I might as well get up now before my mum came to wake me up for her jog.

But when I turned over I remembered the previous day. It wasn't a dream my house had set on fire I had been dragged away and I was now sleeping on the couch of a complete stranger. Sure I had wanted change but really? This seemed a bit to ..... much.

As I slipped my feet off the end of the sofa and sat up I found myself doubting if it was all real, even though my surroundings confirmed it. Same fire, same TV, same couch, same room. The only thing different was me. All my cuts and bruises were gone and every inch of pain had completely left my body, But before I could wonder how this I had healed so fast I heard footsteps move above my head.

Someone was upstairs. I suddenly remembered all the fine details of the person who owned the house. There gentle hands, kind personality , soft voice which I figured was a woman's, but even though they seemed nice I knew they couldn't be trusted. I remembered my plans of escape and shot up into a standing position. I peaked out into the hall to see the stair case. Her footsteps where still above me. If I went now I could make it to the door before she had even realized I was awake.


I urged myself to move forward and after what seemed like an eternity of internal conflict I moved forwards one step. The footsteps above me stopped and my head shot upwards to the ceiling. I cast back my mind to see if I had made a loud noise. As far as I could remember I hadn't. I took another step forward my stomach suddenly in a knot from the Eire silence above.

All of a sudden I had a sudden urge to either curl up and cry or shoot out of this house as fast as I had come leaving the vague memories behind me.

I chose the second option. I bolted forwards down the hallway hoping to remain silent but failing. The floorboards creaked in what my opinion was abnormally loud as if they were trying to warn their owner of my escape. My heart rate almost tripled as the unexpected adrenaline kicked in leaving my heart threatening to thump its way out of my chest. I frantically tackled the locks at the door clumsily missing many because of  the now moving footsteps coming from upstairs.

When all of the bolts were undone I threw open the door and almost threw myself out. I turned and slammed the door shut and the rested against the door catching my breath and calming down my shaking extremely quickly so the person inside wouldn't be able to catch me.

When I turned there was a woman stood directly in front of me. She had white blond hair that fell straight down her shoulders before they curled out at the ends. She had icy blue eyes and a flushed white face that seemed so delicate I though if I reached out to touch it it might shatter. She was dressed in white trousers and a light brown top that had a conjoined shirt underneath only showing its coller and sleeves up to her elbows. On top she wore a white ruffled jacket that sat perfectly on her shoulders.

As my attention focused back to her face she smiled a warm smile that seemed almost impossible with her cold features. As she spoke I didn't listen to what she said as I was to focused on her voice. I recognized her voice as the person who had brought me here. My reaction kicked in a bit to late making me flinch backward. I breathed heavily threw my mouth fear coming back to me as I stumbled against the door. The woman laughed flashing her perfectly white teeth and then spoke again. " Tried to get away did you? where did you think you would go ?  Your no longer in your old town Hun you would get easily lost and that's a very bad thing to do in this town. now please come inside, I'm sure you have many questions."

Without thinking or waning to I stepped aside from the door and allowed this perfect woman to once again lead me into her perfect house.


  1. *jaw drops in amazement*

    I can't wait to see what happens to this poor girl!
    You are very gifted!

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