Tuesday, 7 December 2010

PART 4 - a Marshmellows journey (completly irrelevent)

The temperature of the house now was icy and the atmosphere was no longer friendly. The fire still burned but instead of friendly it now looked fierce as if it would jump off the logs and onto me as a punishment of my attempt to escape.

I had a growing urge to scream and run and lash out violently at this woman but no matter how much I tried to o this I seemed to stay walking in a straight line. It was like I was a puppet and she was the puppet master.

The woman motioned me over to the sofa. I couldn't see  her face but if it was anything like the atmosphere it wasn't nice. When the woman looked at me her face was full of blind rage so hot she looked frozen. I shivered in my seat and before I could take in any more details of her fierce face, it was gone.

As she smiled the room seemed to warm up and the house became friendly again and for the first time since I had been caught I felt relxaxed. I sat back twiddling with my fingers trying to imagine I was somewhere far away but it did no good. after around 10 seconds I sopped being foolish and looked up to see her extended hand giving me a hot chocolate.

I thanked her for the hot chocolate and took it in my hands. I began to wonder how she had made it so fast whilst taking a friendly sip, as I wasn't that thirsty, but as soon as the warm chocolaty liquid hit my tongue I forgot all about it and downed the lot.

When I finished I saw the woman looking at me with interest which was quickly replaced by smile as she noticed my smile. I smiled back and then cleared my throat preparing to ask a question.

"Whats your name?"
Th woman laughed slightly and settled back comfortably in her chair. "My name I Casandra, The real question is what is yours?"
"Courtney" I replied. I had assumed that with exchanging names I could find out how I knew her but since she didn't even know me this seemed to be going no where.
"Why did you risk your life to save a stranger like me from a fire." The woman blinked in surprise.
"I-I never saved you I found you outside on the path in the dark I knew you where from out of town because no one here is silly enough to go out in the dark because of the-"
I leaned forward waiting for her to continue.
"The What?"
The woman swallowed thinking about her next words carefully and then she sighed
" well I don't know who saved you lass but I do know your not from here and your going to find out about our towns little secret sooner or later so-"
she stopped to take a breath and then looked into my eyes
"people around here aren't as they seem there's something wrong with them, When I found you on the street I took you in before it o dark to protect them from you but when you were here I didn't know if you where one of them. I added a little herb to your tea it makes humans sleep and monsters disguised as humans never wake. That's why I listened carefully this morning when you woke I knew you weren't one, but then you try to run for it and nearly get yourself killed."

She was crazy. Completely off her head. Shame she had seemed like a nice woman but even though I knew this couldn't be true her story fascinated me. If this could even be possible I knew a Little information more wouldn't hurt.
"what kind of monster?"
The woman sat back obviously interested by the fact I had wanted to hear more and that I hadn't accused her of being crazy. This made me  feel a tiny bit guilty but I easily pushed the feeling aside.
" I'm not sure how to describe them little one but if I had to sum it up quickly I would say Vampires....

Hope you enjoyed part 4 everyone ...  here's a little part my dad added on :]

then out of nowhere she sank her teeth into my head..the puss just oooozed from my brain as I fell to the floor hitting my head

on a sticky lollipop lol (This wont actually happen , believe it or not this woman isn't one of the 'vampires')


  1. AWESOME NICOLETTE... I like the bit that your dad added...

  2. lol the bit ur dad added was funny!
    epic nicolette! fancy giving me a writing class sometime? ;)

  3. *jaw drops to the ground*

    Awesome Nicolette! Very intriguing and scary!
    I can't wait to read more. I wonder who saved her. I wonder what her mom must be thinking!