Friday, 19 November 2010

Part 2 of I don't know what to call it yet :] ...

Before I start the story I would like to do a shout out for Kallista for being a great insperation and an even greater freind!!! ....

My head bashed against the floor knocking me into consciousness. My eyelids opened then immediately closed only revealing a blurred snapshot of my surroundings. I swallowed hard and my throat protested as I did, burning slightly. I breathed in threw my nose to lessen the pain, to find the smell of burning still wafting around me.

My head bumped again flashing my eyes open. My vision was still blurred but this time I could see I was being dragged. My body was numb and I let my head drop to the side. It was only a matter of time before the pain hit and when it did I imagined it would be like running into a brick wall with no holding back.

Of course I was wrong. It was much worse

The pain was unimaginable it worked it's way up from my feet to my head.  I discovered I had a sprained ankle and dislocated leg from where I was being dragged and could now  feel all kinds of bumps and bruises emerging from under my  skin, cruelly making themselves known. There where small pain full cuts that where now gathering dirt, which was keeping them open and bleeding.

Of course if I thought the pain was bad the realization was worse.... at first I flinched and then I lashed out at who ever was dragging me. They let go but I continued to kick, hoping it would keep them away. Tears were streaking down my face into my mouth stopping me from screaming but I wanted to. God damn it I did. The house had been set on fire, someone had gotten me out but I didn't know who. I thought it was my mum but my mum wouldn't be dragging  a bloody injured me along the floor.

I felt hands scoop underneath me onto my back slowly lifting me. I lashed out but it did no good so I stayed still and cried silently. Whoever this was they where carrying me now. I wanted to scream at them to put me down. demand them to take me home but I couldn't. After what seemed like forever the stranger put me down on a bristled surface which felt like a welcome mat.... how ironic. I heard a lock click open and a door swing with it.

The person moved over to me and picked me up. They shut the door behind us and settled me down on an incredibly soft surface. I rubbed my fists against my eyes and opened them up. I was in a cosy looking cottage snuggled up on a old fashioned sofa. A wooded fire was blazing across the room an an ancient TV was tuned into a channel I had never heard of.

I heard footsteps approach and before I could even turn around a pale hand offered me a warm drink. I took it from them and thanked them. I had no Idea who they were but until I built up my strength I had no chance of escape so all I had to do was play along until I got the chance to run. Whoever it was moved away as soon as they knew the cup was secured in my hand and walked off into the kitchen. I sipped my drink  and rested back against the sofa. Before I could blink the person had returned and was now clearing out my cuts with disinfectant. I hissed at the pain and had to bite my lip in the end. They pressed ice against my bruises and sprained ankle and then when they thought I wasn't looking popped my leg back into place.

I screamed in pain but they shushed me and incouraged me to drink on. The drink turned salty as the tears dripped into it but the person, who I assumed was female because of her voice was now wiping them away. My eyelids began to drop and even though I commanded them to remain open they refused and before I knew it I was asleep.


  1. Absouloutly STUNNING!!!!!

    I love the drama unfolding and how you wrote it through the girls eyes!

    BEAUTIFULLY written!

    You have me hanging off the edge of my seat!

    *beaming happily at Nicolette*

    And thinks for your kindness! Giving me a shout out....That was super sweet of you.

    Lets just hope I prove worthy of such praise!

  2. awww thanks Kallista :]

    of course you deserve a shout out Kallista your apsoloutly amazing and its quite shocking that someone as kind and encourging as you hasn't already recived one

  3. lol nicolette thats amazing i keep re-reading it and i cant wait to see what will happen next!